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Turn your favourite photo into a family heirloom!

The Stitching Studio

Stitching Studio

The Stitching Studio makes it easy for anyone to preserve precious family memories. Our custom cross stitch patterns are carefully crafted to bring you the best results, every time.

What makes us so much better than the rest? We use the experienced touch of an artist to colour correct your photo. The end result is a vibrant and clear design that preserves the original better than any computer process available.

No Green Faces!

With The Stitching Studio pattern, you will save money on supplies and get better results. We don't think you should stitch green or mauve faces, do you? Our accurate colour selection process means you won't have 100 or more floss colours to buy and stitch into your work. But, most importantly, with our custom cross stitch patterns you will get beautiful, natural colours for the best possible results.

Colours You Can Count On

Save money with less colours. Feel secure that your new cross stitch project will look amazing. Trust The Stitching Studio to produce the best patterns, every time - guaranteed.

How to Order

Download our order sheet, fill it out, and send it to The Stitching Studio with your image. It's that easy!

Download The Stitching Studio Order Sheet