I know a lot of stitchers like to sew as well - here’s a way you can help. My sister is a physiotherapist who works in a community support program. A lot of programs like hers do not have access to PPE for their staff. Until they get some from the province, cloth masks will help. If you would like to sew and donate masks, instructions for the proper kind are here.  You can put them in the mailbox by the back door of the store (953 St. Mary’s Road - sign says “Sheena’s Gallery”). Thanks!


Darleen Dixon

Date 4/7/2020

Want an easier pattern? 2 fabrics 6x9 inches 2 pieces 1/4 inch soft elastic-7 inches long Layer fabrics right sides together attaching the elastic into the corners between the fabrics. Sew around leaving an opening to turn right sides out. Press. Make pleats: mark using pins. From the bottom edge, 1 inch up, 1 1/2inch up, 11/2 inch up. These pins are the tops of the pleats, making 3 -1/2 inch pleats. Edge-stitch around.

Nicole Collette

Date 4/7/2020

hi Barb, you said instructions were available, but when we click on the link, we end up here and no instructions. i thought i would mention it in case no one else has.

Helene Delorme

Date 4/7/2020

I have also been making masks. They are similar as your direction you have given from Darleen Dixon. I searched the internet for a pattern and have found one that also leaves an opening at the top. So you can insert and sew a long white twist tie or a 6 inch pipe cleaner making it more fitted on the nose. Also in the opening you can insert a Coffee filter into the mask for added protection. Can you send me your store's complete address as I live 70 miles away and could mail you some. If you wish.

Barb Best

Date 4/8/2020

Nicole, on this page where it says "instructions for the proper kind are here", if you click on the "here" it will open the pdf file with the instructions. If it isn't working for you let me know and I'll email it. Barb

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