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I Owe, I Owe...so Off to Work I go

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DISCONTINUED BOOK. Last one! Seventeen occupations in cross stitch: Plumber (plumber is working on pipe with a wrench while a little girl wearing a raincoat and holding an umbrella stands underneath) (60w x 88h Stitches) Carpenters ("...help to build our dreams" showing man on scaffold pounding in nail with a hammer) (93w x 106h Stitches) Artist (artist palette, paintbrush, ballet slippers, drama mask, musical notes and the words "Artists are neat. They're really unique") (105w x 90h Stitches) Electrician (graphic motifs representing electrical energy) (82w x 71h Stitches) DVM (Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine – backstitched outline of a hand holding a cross stitched puppy with the words, "Strong, yet gentle my loving pet is safe within the hands of this kind vet) (61w x 87h Stitches) Attorney at Law (scales of justice, plume pen in ink with scroll) (72w x 59h Stitches) Police Officer ("Protecting, Caring, Brave Police" with badge, hat, billy club, radio, handcuffs and belt) (107w x 85h Stitches) Firefighter (pair of firefighters wearing hats, coats and boots and holding live hose) (110w x 99h Stitches) Hair Stylist (comtemporary motif of three different face profiles whose hair is merging together with the words "Hair Stylist" in script) (49w x 2h Stitches) Farmer (farmer with horse and pair of geese and the words, "Hard work, sweat, tears, satisfaction") (79w x 107h Stitches) Postal Employee (large stamp motif with eagle and "US Mail, " mail truck, mail box, letters and a package with the words "Service, Loyalty, Dedication") (86w x 67h Stitches) Dentist (graphic representation of dental tools, a tooth and the letters DDS with two different color schemes) (91w x 79h Stitches) Nurse (single pink rose with the words, "Nurses give gentle care, thoughtful words, and sunshine when there is rain") (85w x 41h Stitches) Teacher (stylized sampler motifs of little red schoolhouse, girl, boy, apples and the verse, "The one room schoolhouse is in the past, but for all good teachers, appreciation lasts") (93w x 75 Stitches) Family Physician (small design with title and silhouettes of a family–child, mother and father) (55w x 48h Stitches) The Office Worker (desk with computer, typewriter, pencil holder and hanging plant with the sayings, "I have a very responsible position. Whenever anything goes wrong, I'm responsible," "You want it WHEN?!?!" and "Coffee Break 9:00am - 5:00pm") (94w x 104h Stitches) Touch of My Child (shows mom holding child with the verse, "The touch of my child... at the end of the day makes all the work worthwhile") (72w x 85h Stitches)

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