2013: The year of the snake, the year of quinoa (yes, really!) and the year Justin Beiber takes over the known universe. 2013 also has the potential to be the year of knitting. Needle crafts are making a big comeback and it seems like knitting is leading the pack. In a recent article from The Shed, knitting is touted as the new rock and roll:

"The roll call of major celebrities who have come out or been outed as keen knitters includes Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz, Winona Ryder, Madonna, Daryl Hannah, Kate Moss and, braving this female-dominated arena, Gladiator star Russell Crowe."

Perhaps it is the return to wool fashion favorites like the Cowichan Sweater, used in the Vancouver Winter Olympics Apparel:

It could be due in part to the economy, as crafting presents for birthdays, new babies, Christmas, and other occasions is often far cheaper than store bought items.

Maybe its because of the return of cute hats like this adorable baby beret, with matching cardigan. Whatever the case, I think we can all enjoy this resurgence of a classic craft, and hope for something stylish and cozy for our next celebratory event:

If you are looking to get started with knitting, check out this awesome sweater, snood & scarf pattern, available in store and online:

We'd love to hear more about your knitting needs and triumphs! Visit our Wool Wednesday board on Pinterest to see what patterns and projects we're loving each week.

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