Thanks for your orders, folks! During this difficult time for everyone, your continued support means a lot.

Just a note about what you can expect when you order online, or even when you phone, email, or send a message through Facebook or Instagram.

This is new for everyone and for those who weren't online shoppers before this, it's a big learning curve. We're getting lots of calls for tech support or with questions about inventory. We've got most of our stock online but are working to get everything up there. 

Will all the calls and the extra time it takes for picking the items for online orders, plus the extra processing it takes to do phone or e-mail orders, we are falling behind. It may take us a day or two to get back to you and a few days to fill your order (it's usually pretty quick, though).

Our store is closed Sundays and Mondays. If you place an order Saturday afternoon or later it won't be seen until Tuesday at noon when we get in. Same thing with messages from Saturday on (I am really trying to not work too much on my days off).

Stay well.


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