After almost a year, we finally have a moving date. It is November 21st. 

We will be open in our old location on Saturday, November 20th for our regular Saturday hours: 12-4:30pm, and then we'll pack up and the movers come on Sunday. 

We will open in our new location, 39 St. Anne's Road, on Tuesday, November 23rd 12:00 - 5:30pm.  

It's been quite a difficult and emotional process over the last year. Our new location is smaller than the old one, but we think we've figured out how to fit everything in. The main thing is that it's mine, no more renting, so it will be worth all the worry and stress in the end.  

I really hope you like it. We've been there painting and cleaning (with the help of several wonderful friends who have been working very hard) to get it all ready for the big day. 

We've gotten a whole bunch of new kits in, and have two shipments of cool doodads en route. Great for Christmas presents. 

Thanks for all your support over the last year. We hope to see you soon at the new location. 


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