Happy summer, everyone. I hope you're keeping safe. 

Our new place isn't ready for us so we're still at 953 St. Mary's Road. I've told many of you that our lease here expires June 14th and then I didn't know what would become of us...

I have an update. As you may know, the building has been sold and the new owner takes possession July 1st. They have kindly agreed to let us stay here a few months while our renovations on the new place are being completed. That is a huge weight off our shoulders. 

At the same time, paying for two places, along with a whole bunch of renovations, is adding up at a time when business is down due to the pandemic. 

We very much appreciate your continued support. If you have some framing to do or a stitching project to kit up, we're here.

With the current restrictions we can only have a few people in at a time but we've never really had very many people at a time anyway so it hasn't been too much of a problem.

We'll let you know as soon as we have a moving date.



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