All cross stitch fabric comes counted, unless, of course, it is printed.

If you have a chart or pattern 140 stitches x 140 stitches then your finished size would be 10" x 10" on 14 count. Take the stitch count 140 divide by the material count and this would give you your finished project size, for example on 16 count then your finished size would be 8.75". The higher the count the smaller your picture will be.   Uneven weave or even weave linen is calculated the same way - 28 count, if you stitch over two threads will then be 14 count - 32 count would be 16 count.  Some patterns suggest that you use Lugana 25 count and that is an even weave which can be done over 1 thread so a pattern of 140 would turn out to be 5.5" or if you stitch over two threads it would then measure 11.25".

It is very important to always add 5" to your finished stitch size so that you will have 2.5" on either side and top and bottom of your project for ease of framing.  A project 140 stitches x 140 stitches on 14 count would be 10" but the material to be cut would be 15" x 15".

Charts or patterns that are not filled in are easier to start in the middle.  Find the middle of your pattern and fold your fabric length and width wise and presto there is your middle.  A completely filled in chart can be started at the top corner - measure in 2.5" and down 2.5" and just start stitching.

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